Who She Think She Is?

Besides being a Christian since 1984 while a junior majoring in Philosophy at UCLA, here’s what else you may want to know about me:

  • Los Angeles area native, raised in West Hollywood, alum of Hollywood High School
  • Married in May 1987; renewed vows in 1997 and in 2012
  • Pastor’s wife since husband entered ministry in 1993
  • Mother of two daughters (came with the man) and two sons, now in the military; and a grandmother
  • Love of writing began in junior high school
  • Professional background and experience in public relations, marketing communications, media relations, event planning and related fields for a variety of industries
  • Freelance copywriter and editor
  • Editor and Writer of weekly church bulletin since 1993
  • Editor of the book, “The Life Kit,” by Deanna Curls
  • Contributing writer for www.Blogos.org and www.InsideThePew.net
  • Question Answerer for www.GotQuestions.org
  • Content Coordinator for Stevenson Ranch Neighbors magazine, published by Best Version Media
  • Church is New Beginnings Believers Bible Fellowship in Los Angeles, CA
  • Women’s Ministry Director and Bible Study leader since 2000
  • Guest Speaker on Titus 2 Women topics for a number of churches and ministies

As the wife of a pastor who, for the almost 30 years that I’ve known him, has always had a passion for the truth of God’s Word and a fervency specifically to protect God’s precious sheep from false doctrine and those who teach it and affirm it, God has instilled in me that kindred calling. I have been taught by precept and by the example of watching my husband live out his Christian faith consistently over three decades, that what God has spoken to His people in the Holy Scriptures is of utmost importance for this life and the life to come, and there are consequences for straying from it.

As a writer since junior high school, I know keenly well the art of communicating through pen and paper, the mechanics of writing, and the basics of reading comprehension.

As a lover of English Literature in high school and college, I appreciate the influence the written word can have in understanding concepts, shaping perspectives, and even entertaining the imagination.

As a Philosophy major in college, I have learned the application of logic and reason, critical thinking, weighing of arguments, and objectivity versus subjectivity in forming conclusions.

As a disciple of Jesus Christ for almost 30 years, I recognize how absolutely essential it is to read God’s Word in proper context so that people will not be led astray or become discouraged with false promises that arise out of the gross mishandling of the scriptures (Ephesians 4:14-15).

This blog utilizes the talents and experiences God has given me, for the purpose of continuing to uphold the awesome truth of His Word so that Christians will grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18).

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