Curious About Anything?

This page is a great place for you to ask “The Reluctant First Lady” any general questions about this blog, biblical Christianity, my personal testimony, my background in the faith, my calling as a pastor’s wife, raising “preacher’s kids,” women’s ministry, or even if you have prayer requests.

As with all opportunities to express yourself on this blog, all comments are moderated and subject to approval before being posted — if they will be posted at all. Name-calling, profanity, personal attacks, slander, gossip, threats, non-relevant comments (e.g., I’m not so much into sharing food recipes), contentiousness, etc. will be cause for rejecting requests to comment and potentially blocking you from following this blog.

I will do my best to respond as appropriate, if and when appropriate. My first calling is to support my pastor husband’s calling, then to direct our church’s women’s ministry. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Pray that the Lord will continue to open up my schedule to make this blog an increasingly useful tool for those seeking the truth about Churchianity versus biblical Christianity.

I look forward to your comments.

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