Why I’m Not Reluctant

“You’re one of those bible-toting-scripture-quoting Christians!”

The person who called me this did not mean it as a compliment. What’s sad though is that she herself is a Christian and a pastor’s wife. My first response to her was, “Aren’t you?!” I was then summarily deleted from her Facebook Friends list.

Guilty as charged! I embrace the “accusation” wholeheartedly! I may not like to be called a “first lady” just because I’m married to a pastor (see the Why I’m Reluctant pages for an explanation), but by all means please do call me a bible-toting-scripture-quoting Christian all day long! And I’ll keep trying to live up to it! 

And so The Reluctant First Lady blog was born.

It is a sad day when another professing Christian has a problem with you because you use the Word of God instead of relying on yourself or some other man’s so-called wisdom. A sad day, indeed.

And those are the days we’re in, Ladies and Gentlemen (2 Timothy 4:3-4).

Therefore, with The Reluctant First Lady blog as my platform and, most importantly, the Word of God taken in proper context as my foundation…

It is without any reluctance that I boldly shout “Stop the Churchianity!”

It is without hesitation that I take a stand for the truth of God’s Word when it really counts.

It is without compromise that I challenge unbiblical traditions and post-modern trends in the professing Christian church that ultimately do more harm than good to God’s precious people.

I expect some of you to deem this blog a breath of fresh air. Others of you won’t like it or me. Either way, and with all due respect, it ain’t about you or me. I serve Jesus Christ, my resurrected Lord and Savior. Since it’s Him that I ultimately answer to, praise His name if this blog blesses you, and praise His name if it gets under your skin if it means taking that first step to get you out of Churchianity.

Anything I say is not for the sake of controversy, but for the sake of telling the truth so that you and I can grow. I don’t want this blog to be successful so that I can get praise of men. Rather, the goal is to get you to THINK about your life and service to the Lord Jesus Christ — what you believe, why you believe it, how you live it out, and why you live it out the way you do. You’re always welcome to comment with the heart of love for the truth of God’s Word.

I pray to be solely led by the Holy Spirit of God whom I strive to serve, so that much fruit will result for the glory of Jesus Christ and His alone (Ephesians 4:15).

Please click on the following pages to learn more about the scriptural foundation for this blog, and to see what I believe and why I believe it:

2 Timothy 3:1 – 4:4

Statement of Faith