What is “Churchianity”?

Why the tag line, “Stop the Churchianity!”, you ask? What is “Churchianity”? And why stop it?

“Churchianity” is a term I’ve heard to refer to how more and more professing Christians seem to be more into “doing” church than being disciples of Jesus Christ. It describes the widening gap between popular Christianity versus biblical Christianity (cf. 2 Timothy 4:3-4).

Why stop it?  Because true faith, power and honoring God stand in the balance.

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the differences between “Churchianity” and Christianity:


Churchianity is more about…

  Christianity is more about…

living good

  Living right

being blessed

  Being a blessing

achieving success

  Achieving God’s calling

being rewarded

  Being obedient

What has He done for me lately?

  What have I done for Him lately?

life without problems

  Peace through the storms

abundant living

  Abundant grace

heaven on earth

  Heaven and earth shall pass away

God shining on us

  God shining through us

“positive thinking”

  Keeping it real

looking to books, tapes, cd’s and conferences

  Looking to the Author and Finisher of our faith

the power of prayer

  The power of God

man’s approval

  God’s approval

fitting in

  Being set apart

sparing feelings

  Telling the truth in love

emotional “highs”

  Spiritual discernment

the “anointing”

  The Anointed One

“new revelation” apart from the Bible

  Fresh illumination out of the Bible

attracting members

  Discipling souls



good music

  Good worship

good preaching

  Sound teaching

being smart

  Being wise

being learned

  Being equipped

knowing the Word

  Practicing the Word

tolerating sin

  Reproving sin

relationships rule

  Unity in the truth

“your best life now”

  Eternal joy in heaven


What do you think about “churchianity”? Is my assessment wrong? Please leave a comment and I will endeavor to respond as soon as possible.


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  1. Sister Andi

    I LOVE this comparison! It’s awesome!

    1. Sister Laurel (Post author)

      Thank you, Sister Andi. Praise the Holy Spirit for His insight! More importantly, let’s keep exposing Churchianity for what it really is: an ego-massaging distraction from true devotion and obedience to the will of God in our lives and churches!

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